Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Focus Series

 Out of pride, I have avoided sharing this pencil drawing for a long time but alas- here it is. Can we talk for a second? Oh, what have we done to the beautiful biological complexity that we call our bodies? Our bodies are a blessed gift. For with our bodies, we are capable of fighting disease without conscious effort; with them we subconsciously maintain a perfect internal temperature; with these blessed lungs we sift in and out the gases we need from the atmosphere in which we live. All of these things our bodies perform without our conscious command, so that we may focus our conscious attention on the things we have been called to do in this life. In our culture we have taken the gift of a healthy body and we have said to its complex perfection: "You are not good enough!" We have made a statement of rejection to the creator of all good things, who designed our bodies with such unfathomable detail. We say our bodies do not meet the temporary standard this cultural era has set - so we live in the gym, or refuse the food that has been so undeservingly and readily available to us. Our faces are not good enough - so we wake up each morning and paint on one 'more worthy.' I believe we all have experienced these thoughts, though perhaps in different manifestations. I especially, have been broken in this regard.

If our purpose in life was to focus on our bodies - then our God would not have designed these lungs, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems to be autonomous- without conscious thought! If we were made to live for our bodies, then we would not have been so intentionally designed with the ability to focus on living for so much more. So let us behave as such! This is not a #bodypositivity post. But a gentle and loving reminder, for myself included, of our worth and our purpose. To think twice about what motivates us to look a certain way. Let us stop making a statement to our creator that our God's works are not good enough. Let the unconscious take care of what is autonomous, and let the conscious mind focus on what we were made for - to wake up each new day and decide to love others with the same undying love that our God shows each of us. To act on the good passions God has instilled in each of our hearts, and to bring LIGHT and LOVE into our broken world. 

"The Focus I"
Medium: Graphic pencil and charcoal

"The Focus II"
Medium: Graphic pencil and charcoal

"The Focus II"
Medium: Graphic pencil and charcoal

Monday, November 7, 2016

Loss II

I beg you as my readers to listen to my HEART before viewing this artwork. We are so quick to glorify human creators. But this drawing is no creation - this is a sheet of paper. I am no creator – but rather a human who imitates what has already been created. Who gave my lungs their breath? Who thought up every fiber in the muscles of these hands? Or the billions of cells that make up this complex brain and enable it to perform such detail? I certainly did none of these things. They are already created and working. We do not ask our blood to carry oxygen where needed, nor consciously request our stomach to begin digestion. Who am I? Who am I to be called a creator of works? To be praised for smearing pencil on a piece of paper when I, do not yet even fully understand all of the chemical complexities that make up my own body –a true creation. Friends - praise be to our God, a genuine creator whose works are so magnificent that we have quite literally dedicated our lives to studying it through what we call education and imitating its beauty through artistic expression.
That being said - It has been a difficult month. I am broken, and SO imperfect. Aren’t we all? But I am so desperately in love with a good God who, despite my all pain and imperfections, continues a faithful promise to love ALL of us creations. This is a love that has never failed to bring me joy even when my heart is sinking. A love that allows light to flow from my eyes and fill me with so much LOVE for people. You people! Who I have so much love for in my own heart, that I can’t even imagine what our creator feels for us. I do not know God’s plans, nor do I know why there is pain in the world; but I do know that there is a hope that comes with surrendering our hurt to the one who created these bodies and this earth in the first place. We ought not to be afraid of seeking this. These words are not intended to convert by any means; these words are meant to provoke thought in you, as they have in me. And there is no shame in this, because we have all felt the pain I have depicted here - that causes us to fall to our knees and cry out to something, someone, somewhere that might be bigger than ourselves.

"Loss II"
Start: October 30th, 2016
End: November 4th, 2016
Medium: Graphic Pencil and Acrylic Paint

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Loss: The Confounding Emotion

"Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times."
 -Romans 8:11-12

Medium: Graphic pencil and acrylic paint
Start: 09/26/2016
End: 09/29/2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paintings and Drawings 2015-2016

As I continue to advance in my biochemical studies, I also continue to delve deeper into the meaning behind each idea, color and brush stroke of every artwork I create. My works stem from a place within - from the one thing in life which is always constant yet beautifully dynamic: which is my faith in Jesus. So as I continue to grow in my paintings, I ask only that you view my work with an open mind and a raw heart to its meaning. Every new unbelievable detail I learn in my studies about the way our God created this embroidered earth to function so perfectly, down to the molecular level, the stronger my faith grows, and the more inspired I am to connect to and attempt to recreate our incredible God's original artwork: nature. 

"I Shall Not Want"
Medium: Acrylic
Start: October 15th 2015
Finish: April 5th 2016

"Love - The Multiplication Effect"
Medium: Acrylics
Start: December 10th 2015
Finish: December 25th 2016

"The Art of Liberation and Growth"
Medium: charcoal
Start: September 1st 2014
Finish: December 8th 2015

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paintings 2014

"Growing in Veracity"
Medium: Acrylic paint
Start: December 1st 2013
Finish: January 2nd 2014

"The Neophyte"
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Start: November 2013
Finish: January 2014

"Life Among Death"
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Start: December 2013
Finish: February 2014

"O'Brien's Tower"
Start: December 21st 2013
Finish: January 20th 2014

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drawings 2013

This year I have found myself focusing my art away from my usual acrylic nature pieces and have developed a love for utilizing people to convey human emotion and the process of life. The chemical complexities and unparalleled beauty by which God created our bodies amazes me still, anew each morning.

"Comfort Zone"
Medium: Graphic pencil
Start: May 30th 
Finish: June 1st

Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: April 12th
Finish: April 20th

"In the Mind"
Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: February 26th
Finish: March 1st

Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: April 30th
Finish: May 1st

"Within Reach"
Start: March 4th
Finish: March 8th
Medium: Graphic pencil

Start: Feburary 28th
Finish: March 3rd
Medium: Graphic pencil

"The Heart and the Light"
Start: Feburary 24th
Finish: Feburary 28th
Medium: Graphic pencil and charcoal

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Paintings 2013

Nearly all of my paintings are done in acrylic paint. The sharp, bold medium gives a more simple, but realistic look that I always strive to create in my work. 

"The Place Within the Heart"
Medium: Acrylic Pain
Start: July 20th
Finish: July 29th

"The Path of Most Resistance"
Medium: Acrylic paint
Start: January 2nd 
Finish: February 2nd
Canvas: 4x2ft

"White Horse"
Medium: Acrylic paint
Start: June 1st 
Finish: June 5nd
Canvas: 3x1.5ft

Medium: Acrylic Paint
Start: May 1st
Finish: May 3rd