Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drawings 2013

This year I have found myself focusing my art away from my usual acrylic nature pieces and have developed a love for utilizing people to convey human emotion and the process of life. The chemical complexities and unparalleled beauty by which God created our bodies amazes me still, anew each morning.

"Comfort Zone"
Medium: Graphic pencil
Start: May 30th 
Finish: June 1st

Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: April 12th
Finish: April 20th

"In the Mind"
Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: February 26th
Finish: March 1st

Medium: Graphic Pencil
Start: April 30th
Finish: May 1st

"Within Reach"
Start: March 4th
Finish: March 8th
Medium: Graphic pencil

Start: Feburary 28th
Finish: March 3rd
Medium: Graphic pencil

"The Heart and the Light"
Start: Feburary 24th
Finish: Feburary 28th
Medium: Graphic pencil and charcoal

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