Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paintings and Drawings 2015-2016

As I continue to advance in my biochemical studies, I also continue to delve deeper into the meaning behind each idea, color and brush stroke of every artwork I create. My works stem from a place within - from the one thing in life which is always constant yet beautifully dynamic: which is my faith in Jesus. So as I continue to grow in my paintings, I ask only that you view my work with an open mind and a raw heart to its meaning. Every new unbelievable detail I learn in my studies about the way our God created this embroidered earth to function so perfectly, down to the molecular level, the stronger my faith grows, and the more inspired I am to connect to and attempt to recreate our incredible God's original artwork: nature. 

"I Shall Not Want"
Medium: Acrylic
Start: October 15th 2015
Finish: April 5th 2016

"Love - The Multiplication Effect"
Medium: Acrylics
Start: December 10th 2015
Finish: December 25th 2016

"The Art of Liberation and Growth"
Medium: charcoal
Start: September 1st 2014
Finish: December 8th 2015

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