Monday, November 7, 2016

Loss II

I beg you as my readers to listen to my HEART before viewing this artwork. We are so quick to glorify human creators. But this drawing is no creation - this is a sheet of paper. I am no creator – but rather a human who imitates what has already been created. Who gave my lungs their breath? Who thought up every fiber in the muscles of these hands? Or the billions of cells that make up this complex brain and enable it to perform such detail? I certainly did none of these things. They are already created and working. We do not ask our blood to carry oxygen where needed, nor consciously request our stomach to begin digestion. Who am I? Who am I to be called a creator of works? To be praised for smearing pencil on a piece of paper when I, do not yet even fully understand all of the chemical complexities that make up my own body –a true creation. Friends - praise be to our God, a genuine creator whose works are so magnificent that we have quite literally dedicated our lives to studying it through what we call education and imitating its beauty through artistic expression.
That being said - It has been a difficult month. I am broken, and SO imperfect. Aren’t we all? But I am so desperately in love with a good God who, despite my all pain and imperfections, continues a faithful promise to love ALL of us creations. This is a love that has never failed to bring me joy even when my heart is sinking. A love that allows light to flow from my eyes and fill me with so much LOVE for people. You people! Who I have so much love for in my own heart, that I can’t even imagine what our creator feels for us. I do not know God’s plans, nor do I know why there is pain in the world; but I do know that there is a hope that comes with surrendering our hurt to the one who created these bodies and this earth in the first place. We ought not to be afraid of seeking this. These words are not intended to convert by any means; these words are meant to provoke thought in you, as they have in me. And there is no shame in this, because we have all felt the pain I have depicted here - that causes us to fall to our knees and cry out to something, someone, somewhere that might be bigger than ourselves.

"Loss II"
Start: October 30th, 2016
End: November 4th, 2016
Medium: Graphic Pencil and Acrylic Paint

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